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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is it Friday yet?

Seriously, only Tuesday still? Our day started at 2 freaking 30 this morning...yep, that's right 2:30 AM...with the damn smoke detector going off for no reason whatsoever. I have no clue how but both kids slept through it, never budged. Brent's chest started hurting it scared him so bad and I couldn't go to sleep for almost 2 hours afterwards. We checked the entire house, including the attic & there was nothing going on. This is either the second or third time it has gone off in the middle of the night like this.

Of course since the kids slept through it they were both up between 6 & 6:45 so there was little rest for mommy & daddy last night. We had to go "bote" as Avery said this morning and of course once they were up we were up too. Avery was all into voting this morning, our conversation went something like this...

Avery: Mommy, why do we have to go bote?
Me: Because Avery it's kind of like our job.
Avery: But why Mommy?
Me: Because it just is.
Avery: Oh...but why?

I just gave up, she's 2 and you can't expect a 2 year old to understand voting but the why's were getting to be a bit much at 7 o'clock in the morning. I just have to keep reminding myself that she'll eventually grow out of it & then I'll miss it. Right now, I'm just grateful I haven't pulled any hair out today & I'm still breathing because after their daddy left for work the horns came out & I don't know who these kids are in this house because they're not acting like my babies.

Avery is a little terror towards her brother, she has been on a kicking, hitting, and screaming spree for the past few hours. Ok, honestly it started last night & we were able to ignore it for the most part but today it's bad, really bad. She just made her brother go in her bedroom then came running out, shutting & locking the door behind her. Luckily she didn't pull the door all the way so I was able to free him from her captivity but next time he might not be so lucky.

Ok, enough of my rambling about my munchkins. A few years ago, when I was pregnant with Avery,I joined Babycenter's online community. It was really helpful with keeping up with my pregnancy & what was going on but I ran across a really hysterical group of ladies who introduced me to the LOLcats & I'm not even a cat person but I think it's hysterical. There's pics like...this


and this


and a little bit of thisssss

Unnamed Kitty

and even a little bit of religion...


I know you might not find it humorous but I do. It kept me entertained for like 6 months when I was pregnant & bored at work & it still does from time to time. Today was one of those days...one that I was bored, not pregnant, just bored. Of course, in between refereeing my kids and pulling food out of Peyton's throat that he seems to think he can just inhale instead of chew & swallow there's not much time to be bored.

I believe it's nap time now so this mama's going to rest & catch up on my dvr while the kiddos sleep. Peace & quiet.......hmmm


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