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My Family

Me & My Brother, Nicholas on my wedding day

Brent & me with our parents

Poppy Bruce (my dad) & "Gauna"

Mommy & Peyton on his first carousel ride

MoMo (my b.e.a.utiful sister (in-law...but we don't believe in in-laws) with Jeff proposing

Princess Avery

MawMaw, Nanny, Brent, & PawPaw on our wedding day

My Grandma "Mama", Brent, Me, & my Papa at our wedding (RIP Papa, I miss you!!!)

Monica & Blake at our wedding

My daddy walking me down the aisle

Me & Brent on our wedding day!!! Mr & Mrs Allison

Me & Brent summe of 2011

@ Monica's grad party! Me, Monica (sister), & Allison...bff's from high school May 2011

Mommy & Peyton

Peyton & Poppy Bruce @ the Audubon Zoo

My "Bobalicious" at Mardi Gras on St. Charles 2011!!!

This is just some of our family. I'll post more soon!


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