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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Peyton's 2 & Medical Update!!!!

Our baby boy turned 2 last Monday!!! Can't believe it's been 2 years since we were surrounded by family & friends welcoming him into the world. He arrived at 2:09 pm weighing 7pounds 4oz! He was immediately completely different from Avery, he was lazy where she was a busy body who wanted to be nosy and involved in everything. The biggest difference was that he didn't have reflux!!! This was a huge relief because Avery's reflux was so bad that many days it left me and her both in tears and we became hermits for most of the first two months of her life. It was completely miserable so when he didn't come out puking I don't think we were sure what to do with him. Needless to say he was an awesome addition to our family after we got home and got settled.

Last year, for his first birthday we had a sports themed party & this year his theme was dinosaurs. He has been such a champ throughout the past few months with all of the sicknesses and everything that he has gone through with his ears as well as his stomach issues. I am so proud to say that his second birthday party was one that marked a few weeks without him being sick or throwing up or running a fever! His ears are absolutely wonderful. Major thanks to our amazing ENT, Dr. Pisciotta who has been absolutely phenomenal since January. By far, the most caring doctor ever, in my little ole humble opinion.

To celebrate his second year of life we had his party this past Saturday. Peyton was surrounded by a ton of his friends & he loved every minute of it! He got lots of cool toys including several dinosaurs, both big and small, and lots of clothes which he definitely needed! Here are a few pictures.

 Peyton with his "da-da" opening some of his presents.

 Avery & Peyton

Peyton & some of his friends after they sang Happy Birthday!

I am so scatterbrained! I said I was going to include his medical update then published the blog without putting it in. 

There's really nothing new to report, we haven't heard from any of the results from the specialist at USA and I'm not sure when we will. She told me that if we hadn't heard from her by the first of July to give her a call so I guess that's the plan. 

We do know that he is anemic, his pediatrician ran some blood work for iron and lead that is standard for a 2 year check-up and his iron is way low. So, as of right now, that is all that we know, but he has been doing much better and has not been throwing up. Thank goodness & fingers crossed that the dry spell (literally) continues! 

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