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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

God Give Me Strength

Why does it seem like when one thing gets you down it ends in a landslide?

I've been struggling a lot lately with different things and I'm just done in every single way possible. I have to remind myself constantly that God is in control but that doesn't always help, even though it should. Over the past few years my faith has weakened and it definitely has had an affect on my life that I hate.

There are days when I feel really close to God and others when I feel very distant.

We often forget that God is always around and always knows what's going on without ever having to be told. When our house was broken into I questioned why he let it happen but I failed to thank him for the fact that nobody was home when it happened. I thought to myself if only I had been home it wouldn't have happened but I didn't think about the fact that I wasn't home for a reason and if I were home there's a possibility that I could've been badly hurt.

Right now, there are several things going on in my life that I need the strength to deal with and I'm sure it's going to be a constant struggle like life always is but I will remain in prayer about everything and try to remember that God is in control. No matter what I pray that God gives me the strength to get through it and guides me every step of the way   

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